Saturday, 25 February 2012

Difference between Chamfer and Blend

Blend operations add or subtract material to round (fillet) edges.
• Uni graphics provides 3 kinds of blends:
Edge Blend
• Is the only type of blend you need to know how to perform for this class.
• Can be constant or variable radius.
• Good practice rule:
Face Blends
• In face blends you choose two faces instead of an edge.
• Face Blends will trim faces if required.
Soft Blends
• Soft blends are used for styled “Class A” surfaces.
• The curvature varies smoothly

• Chamfer add or remove material to create beveled edges.
• The same rules apply to creating chamfers as to creating edge blends.
• Options include:
– Single offset
– Double offset
– Offset and Angle

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