Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Whenever you create a sketch-based feature, the sketch used to create it is retained on the screen, even after the feature is created. NX allows you to hide the sketches or any other entity on the screen using the Hide tool. To invoke this tool, press the CTRL+B keys; the Class Selection dialog box will be displayed. Alternatively, you can invoke the Hide tool from the Utility toolbar. Select the sketch or any other entity from the screen using this dialog box and choose the OK button; the selected entities will be hidden


To restore the display of the hidden entities, press the SHIFT+CTRL+K keys; the Class Selection dialog box and the hidden entities will be displayed. Also, you will be prompted to select the objects to be displayed. Select the entities to be displayed and then choose the OK button.


NX allows you to hide all entities (all datum planes, coordinate systems, sketches,faceted bodies, solid bodies, and so on) from the drawing window, using a single tool.To do so, choose the Show and Hide button from the Utility toolbar; the Show and Hide dialog box will be displayed, as shown in Figure 

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All entities are divided into three categories, Bodies, Sketches, and Datums. Select the minus sign (-) from the respective rows; the corresponding entities will be hidden. For example, if you need to hide all the sketches in the drawing window, select the minus sign (-) from the Sketches row; all the sketches will be hidden. Similarly, to show hidden entities, select the plus sign (+) from the respective row; all entities under that category will be re-displayed in the drawing window.

Toolbar: Utility > Show
Toolbar: Utility > Show and Hide

TIP:The Show and Hide tool is very useful while working with complicated models and assemblies, where datums planes, coordinate systems, and sketches are in large numbers.You can also invoke this tool by pressing the CTRL+W keys.

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