Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lesson: Sketcher-Introduction

when a feature is created from a sketch, the feature is "associated" with the sketch, and is parametrically controlled by the sketch. Therefore, if you edit a sketch, any associated features are updated.
So mainly the purpose of the sketch is to make design fully parametric.

Instructions  for creating a Sketch:

•Establish the design intent for the feature or part that you want to model.
•Follow standards(generally depends on requirement) to set up the layers and/or categories for the sketches that you plan to create. 
(It is usually a good idea to place each sketch on its own layer.)
•Check and set the sketch preferences.
•Create the sketch and the sketch geometry.
•Constrain the sketch according to your design intent.
•Use the sketch to develop a feature on your model.


    Geometrical Constraints:

•Same radius

    Dimensional Constraints:

•Horizontal distance
•Vertical distance
•Radial dimension
•Center to Center dist

Toolbar for Sketch:

Basic features in Sketch Tool Bar


Over Constraint:
It will be shown in Yellow color

Try Your Self:
(Tools will be Explained later)

Basic Fig for your Practice

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