Sunday, 13 November 2011

UG interview quesions:Part 1

Explain the following: 

1.Product life cycle management (PLM)
2.Team centre
3.Master model concept
7.Examine geometry
8.Global Shaping
9.Part cleanup
10.Quick stack
11.Knowledge fusion
13.Promotion of bodies
17.Component filter
18.Weight management
20.Load Options -File
21.Smart model
22.Part families
24.Sheet to solid assistant
25.Quality checks of model in Unigraphics
26.What is law curve?
27.What is rho?
28.What is the limit for undo?
29.How many colors are there in UG?
30.How is tube shown in model tree?
31.What is a pattern face?
32.Explain Heal geometry?
33.What is Para Solid?
34.What is direct modeling?
35.How do you export the model in STL format?
36.What is Timestamp?
Explain difference between the following with respect to Unigrahics:
1.Class A & Class B surfaces
2.Surface & B-Surface
4.Orient view & replace view
5.Higher & lower degree curves/surfaces
6.Cubic & quintic
7.Spline and Spine
8.Curve and String
9.Face blend & edge blend
10.Sheet from curve & bonded plane
11.Sew & quilt
12.N sided surface & Bonded plane and Sheet from curves
13.Through curves & ruled
14.Swept and Through curve mesh
15.Cylinder & Boss
16.Through point & through poles
17.Top down and Bottom up assembly
18.Wave link & Promotion
19.Mate & align
20.Instance & transform
21.Trim & patch
22.Blank & suppress & layer
23.Fixed datum plane & relative datum plane
24.Define mating alternatives and verify mating alternatives
25.Simple instance & identical instance & general instance
26.Trim & split
27.Simplify & join
28.Intersect & section – curve operation
29.Orthographic view & auxiliary view
30.Geometric tolerances & dimensional tolerances
31.Work part & displayed part
32.Flatness & parallelism
33.Architectural feet inches & engineering feet inches
34.Offset & Extrude
35.Drafting and Detailing

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