Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lesson:Constraints Toolbar

  All the curves are created by picking points. For example, a straight line is created with two points. 
  In a 2-D environment, any point will have two degrees of freedom, one along X and another along Y. The number of points depends on the type of curve being created. 
  Therefore, a curve entity will have twice the number of degrees of freedom than the number of points it comprises. These degrees of freedom can be removed by creating a constraint with a fixed entity.
  In fact, it is recommended that you remove all these degrees of freedom by relating the entities directly or indirectly to the fixed entities. It can be done by giving dimensional or geometric properties like Parallelity, Perpendicularity, etc.
(Note: These degrees of freedom will be displayed in orange arrows . All these arrows should be removed by applying the constraints to follow a disciplined modeling.)

Dimensional Constraints:

  The degrees of freedom can be eliminated by giving dimensions with fixed entities like axes,planes, the coordinate system or any existing solid geometries created in the model.
  These dimensions can be linear, radial, angular etc. You can edit the dimensional values at anytime during sketching by double-clicking on the dimension.

Geometric Constraints:

  Besides the dimensional constraints, some geometric constraints can be given to eliminate the degrees of freedom. They include parallel, perpendicular, collinear, concentric, horizontal,vertical, equal length, etc.
  The software has the capability to find the set of possible constraints for the selected entities.

Show all Constraints:

  Clicking this icon will show all the options pertaining to the entities in that particular sketch in white.

Show/Remove Constraints:

  This window lists all the constraints and types of constraints pertaining to any entity selected.
  You can delete any of the listed constraints or change the sequence of the constraints

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