Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Restore last NX session

You can now use bookmarks to save and restore the following characteristics
of your NX session:
• The load status of parts
• The configuration rules
• The Assembly Navigator’s expand/collapse state
The enhanced bookmarks also support sessions that have assemblies with
both transient and persistent nodes.
Bookmarks are stored in the native NX file system, regardless of whether you
are in native NX or Teamcenter Integration for NX.
This function lets you save time by preserving the state of your current NX
session, so you need not reset the above characteristics when you return to
your work in later sessions.
How to use it?
To save a bookmark manually 
 File-->Save Bookmark
To save a bookmark automatically when you close your session Prerequisite
You must restart your NX session after setting this customer default.
 File-->Utilities-->Customer Defaults
Location in dialog box
Gateway-->General-->Part tab-->Write Bookmark File on Exit
To open a new session using a previously-saved bookmark
In native NX
In Teamcenter Integration for NX
File-->Open Bookmark

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