Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Geometry selection for designing in an assembly context

You can now easily select geometry outside the work part for many NX
Modeling commands. You can automatically copy geometry you select outside
the work part into the work part as either WAVE geometry (which updates
when the source geometry changes) or non-associative geometry (which does
not update).

This functionality uses two new options on the Selection bar: (1) Select
Scope and (2) Create Interpart Link.
You can control interpart selection with the Select Scope option to select
geometry from assembly components other than the work part.
Select Scope options are:
• Entire Assembly
Use this option to select geometry from any component in the assembly.
• Within Work Part and Components
Use this option to limit the selection of geometry to the current work part
and its components, if it is a subassembly.
• Within Work Part Only
Use this option to limit the selection of geometry to the current work part.
If the Select Scope option is not available for a command, this indicates that
the command does not support this design in context functionality. In this
case, you can still use one of the other traditional methods to create interpart
links, such as Wave Geometry Linker.
When selecting geometry from a component other than the work part, you
may choose to create an interpart link or to use the geometry unassociatively.
To create an interpart link, turn on the Create Interpart Link option before
making a selection. For commands where you make multiple selections, you
can turn this option on or off independently for each selection.

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