Tuesday, 15 May 2012

WAVE General Relinker

The General Relinker dialog box now has the following enhancements and
• You can specify whether suppressed components should be included
as source objects by selecting or clearing the Include Suppressed
Components check box in the Settings group.
• You can define the source searching scope for the relinking operation by
setting the new Source Scope option (in the Relink group) to either Parts
in Assembly or Parts in Session.
• You can control whether the General Relinker looks for non-broken WAVE
links, as well as broken ones, with the new Include Non-broken WAVE
Links check box. When this check box is not selected, update performance
is faster, and non-broken links that share the same naming convention as
broken links are not reparented.
• Relink Scope (in the Relink group) is now Target Scope.
• Face/Curve Direction Adjustment, in the Settings group, is now called
Face Normal/Curve Direction Adjustment.

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