Sunday, 20 November 2011

Resource Bar,Roles,Part Navigator

Resource Bar
The Resource Bar combines all navigator windows, a history palette, an integrated web browser, and a parts template in one common place for a better user interface. By default, the Resource Bar is located on the left side of the NX window.

Roles are a set of system customized tools and toolbars used for different applications. In NX, you have different roles for different industrial applications. The Roles tab in the Resource Bar is used to activate the required role. In this book, the Essentials with fullmenus role has been used, as it contains all the required tools. To activate this role, choose the Roles tab from the Resource Bar and click on the System Defaults option, if it is not
expanded already; a flyout will be displayed. Click on the Essentials with full menus icon to activate that role. Figure shows the Roles navigator that appears when you choose the Roles tab in the Resource Bar.

Part Navigator
The Part Navigator keeps a track of all the operations that are carried out on the part.Figure shows the part navigator that appears when you choose the Part Navigator tab in the Resource Bar

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