Friday, 18 November 2011

Test your self

1. The Modeling environment of NX is a parametric and feature-based environment. (T/F)
2. You can modify an existing design quickly using the Synchronous Modeling tools. (T/F)
3. The generative drafting technique is used to automatically generate the drawing views of the parts and assemblies. (T/F)
4. By default, the Resource Bar is located on the left side of the NX window. (T/F)
5. The __________ analysis provides the interference check between the components in an assembly.
6. The __________ is a file extension associated with all the files that are created in different environments of NX.
7. The __________keeps a track of all the operations that are carried out on the part.
8. The __________constraint is used to fix a selected entity in terms of its position with respect to the coordinate system of the current sketch.
9. Press and hold the middle mouse button to invoke the __________ tool.
10. The __________toolbar is used to generate the GDT parameters, annotations, and symbols.


1. T, 2. T, 3. T, 4. T, 5. Check Clearance, 6. *.prt, 7. Part Navigator, 8. fixed, 9. Rotate,
10. Drafting Annotation

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