Thursday, 24 November 2011

Test your self:3

1. The Reordering Features option allows you to change the order in which the features are created. (T/F)
2. Boss can be placed on a nonplanar surface. (T/F)
3. In NX, you can create three types of pockets. (T/F)
4. The pad feature is defined as the process of adding material to the model. (T/F)
5. In the Tangent to Faces draft type, there is no need to select a stationary plane. (T/F)
6. General pockets can be created on both _________ and _________ faces.
7. In NX, you can create _________ types of drafts.
8. In a draft tool, the _________ check box allows you to select whether to taper only the specified instance or all instances in the array features.
9. The Tangent to Faces type is used to create a draft, which is _________ to the selected faces.
10. The length of the rectangular pad will be _________ to the horizontal reference.

1.T, 2. F, 3. T, 4. T, 5. T, 6. planar, nonplanar, 7. four, 8. Draft All Instances, 9. tangent, 10.

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