Friday, 11 November 2011

Lesson: Suppressed Geometry

Using of suppressed geometry is very much helpful if not inevitable for handling large Unigraphics model. In this Unigraphics tutorial, we will discuss about creation and usages of UG suppress geometry.

Concept of Suppressed Geometry

Suppress is the method of temporarily removing some or all the geometry feature from Unigraphics (UG) model. For example, you are designing a car in UG and for the time being you want to work only on the car body and don’t require the tires (wheel) then you can suppress the tires. Suppressed geometry become invisible though the geometry is actually exists in backend. Apart from UG, suppress option is used frequently in ProE.

Benefits of Suppress

Suppressed geometry are temporarily been removed from memory, Hence after suppressing the size of the UG model get reduced.
Though the suppressed geometry are temporarily removed from memory but at any point of time they can be unsuppressed to get back in UG model. So, there is no chance of data loss.
Suppressed geometry maintains parent/child relationship even in the suppressed condition.
By suppressing, the UG model size got reduced, which makes working with UG faster and easier. This is the reason why handling large assembly without using suppress option is next to impossible.

How to Use Suppress and Unsuppress Option in Unigraphics

Open or create a model in Unigraphics.
Right click on the feature (geometry), you want to suppress, either in model window or in model tree and click on the suppress option there. 
For bringing back the suppressed geometry, right click on the suppressed feature in model tree and click Unsuppress.

Difference between Suppressed Geometry and Hidden Geometry

Though suppressed geometry become hidden, but suppress option is not exactly same as hide. Hide option make the hidden geometry invisible but they are very much in the memory so by hiding model size remain unchanged. On the other hand suppressed geometry are invisible and been removed temporally from the memory.

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