Sunday, 20 November 2011

Test your self:2

1. The Quick Trim tool is used to remove portion of the sketch by chopping it off. (T/F)
2. In NX, while extruding a sketch, you can add a draft to it. (T/F)
3. The Quick Extend tool is used to extend or lengthen an open sketched entity up to infinity. (T/F)
4. You can set the display modes for solid models using the buttons in the Standard toolbar. (T/F)
5. After invoking the Quick Trim tool, you can drag the cursor to trim __________ entities. 
6. The __________ option is selected when you need to extrude the sketch symmetrically on both sides of the plane, on which the sketch is created.
7. The __________ option adds the draft that is aligned with the profile.
8. NX uses the __________ rule to determine the direction of revolution.
9. You can create thin features using the __________ or __________ sketches.
10. You can restore standard views by choosing various buttons from the __________ toolbar.

Answers to Self-Evaluation Test
1. T, 2. T, 3. F, 4. F, 5. multiple, 6. Symmetric Value, 7. From Section, 8. Right-hand thumb rule, 9. open, close, 10. View

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