Monday, 14 November 2011

UG interview quesions:Part 2

Unigraphics general interview questions:
1.    Explain types of Modeling?
2.    Explain types of Coordinate systems in Unigraphics?
3.    What is reverse engineering?
4.    What is continuity? Explain different types of continuity.
5.    Advantages of UG over other CAD packages?
6.    What are the types of dimensioning?
7.    How to create your own symbols in drafting?
8.    What is dual dimensioning?
9.    What is the deference between break line details & bounded by objects?
10.    What is the use of Reference sets?
11.    How to insert sketch dimensioning & feature dimensioning in drafting?
12.    Write the symbol for hole dimensioning?
13.    What does the error message non manifold mean?
14.    How to remove parameters of a model and retrieve it back?
15.    What is view dependent edit?
16.    What is the use of edit section components in view?
17.    How to find out manually altered dimension?
18.    How to reduce decimal places in information window?
19.    What is the use of unfolded section cut in drafting?
20.    How to fully constrain a spline in sketch?
21.    What is routed relief?
22.    What is Conditional Operator – Expression?
23.    How to confirm:
•    Sketch is fully constrained?
•    Components of assembly are completely mated?
24.    What is appended text?
General interview questions continued...
25.    What is the use of part list?
26.    What is the use of visible in view?
27.    What is the use of overflows in blend?
28.    What are silhouette curves?
29.    What is combined projection?
30.    What is swoop?
31.    What is law curve?
32.    What is rho?
33.    What is the limit for undo?
34.    How many colors are there in UG?
35.    How is tube shown in model tree?
36.    What is a pattern face?
37.    Explain Heal geometry?
38.    What is Para Solid?
39.    What is direct modeling?
40.    How do you export the model in STL format?
41.    What is Timestamp?

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