Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Assembly Load Option

To define how and where NX load part file, we need to configure some basic function like, save, open and assembly.
Dialog box will appear, like the below picture, from the dialog box here we can set up load the file first time as may be required, it is easier for us in working with Unigraphic later.

 1. Part version
You can set whether each time to load a new file or open a file starting from the folder, or history. UGS default is the folder.
2. scope
You can choose all the components directly on the load time, or just based on the stored data, or other options, are generally used are all components (including part assembly).
3.Reference Sets
You can call the components as per the reference set created while modeling.

4. Save Load option
Save to file, serve to redirect the folder to load the first time, after the set, every time you open a new file, the folder will be automatically redirected to it.
So is the open from the file, after we set the folder, each time it opens the file it will automatically be redirected to a folder that was set.

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