Thursday, 19 April 2012

Synchronous modeling: Move Face

Move face is an option to move the faces of the particular component to certain limit as per the requirement.
Basically this option is useful when you have parametric models and just to show 3 models to somebody like 3rd party without editing the main features of the component.
The above image shows how to open Synchronous modeling.
Let us explore the first option in this tool
>Select the face which you want to move.
>You have so many options to move the face like
Point to Point etc.

>You can choose any one option as per the convenience .
(Here I shown with distance)

You  can see an option called FACE FINDER in the above tool .
There are three options in that.

in Settings,You can set the options as per requirement.

Reference is the option to call the component to particular location.

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