Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Introduction to manufacturing

The models and drawings created by the designer have to undergo other processes to get to the finished product. This being the essence of CAD/CAM integration, the most widely and commonly used technique is to generate program codes for CNC machines to mill the part. This technological development reduces the amount of human intervention in creating CNC codes. This also facilitates the designers to create complex systems. The manufacturing module allows you to program and do some post-processing on drilling, milling, turning and wire-cut edm tool paths.

A few preparatory steps need to be performed on every CAD model before moving it into the CAM environment.Before getting started, it would be helpful if you can get into a CAM Express Role. To do this, go to the Roles menu on the Resource Bar and click on the INDUSTRY SPECIFIC tab. A dropdown
menu will pop up in which the CAM Express role can be seen as shown in the figure

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