Saturday, 3 December 2011

Model a Hexagonal Screw

Create a new file and save it as Impeller_hexa-bolt

  • The cylinder should be pointing in the Z-direction with the center set at the origin and with the following dimensions:

Diameter = 0.25 inches
Height = 1.5 inches

Now create a small step cylinder on top of the existing cylinder.

  • The dimensions of this cylinder are,

Diameter = 0.387 inches
Height = 0.0156 inches 

  • On the Point Constructor window,click the Center icon at the top
  • Click on the top face of the existing

cylinder as shown in the following figure

Under the Boolean drop-down menu,
choose UNITE

The two cylinders should look like the figure shown below.

Save the model.
Next, we will create a hexagon for the head of the bolt.

  • Choose the icon from the Curves Toolbar as shown

  • On the Polygon window, type 6 for the number of sides

  • Click OK

There are three ways to draw the polygon.
• Inscribed Radius
• Side of Polygon
• Circumscribed Radius


On the next window, enter the following dimensions.
Side = 0.246 inches
Orientation Angle = 0.00 degree

  • Click OK
  • On the Point Constructor window, again choose the Center icon
  • Click on the top face of the last cylinder drawn 

The polygon will be seen as shown below. 
If the model is not in wireframe, click on the Wireframe icon in the View Toolbar

Now we will extrude this polygon.

  • Click on all six lines of the hexagon to choose the surface that is required to be extruded
  • Enter the End Distance as 0.1876 inches

The model looks like the following after extrusion

On top of the cylinder that has a diameter of 0.387 inches, insert another cylinder with the following dimensions.

Diameter = 0.387 inches
Height = 0.1875 inches

You will only be able to see this cylinder when the model is in wireframe since the cylinder is inside the hexagon head. The model will look like the following.

We will now use the feature operation Intersect.


  • Enter the value of the diameter as 0.55 inches and click OK
  • On the Point Constructor window, choose the Center icon
  • Select the bottom of the last cylinder drawn, which is inside the hexagon head and has a diameter of 0.387 inches and a height of 0.1875 inches as shown below

Click OK

This will give take you the next Dialog box which will ask you to choose the Boolean operation to be performed.

  • Choose INTERSECT

It will ask you to select the target solid

  • Choose the hexagonal head as shown 

  • Click CANCEL

This will give you the hexagonal bolt as shown below.

Check here how to add threading to the above bolt in the next post:

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